Every day

imageI read somewhere that you should do one thing every day that scares you– today I got out of bed. I was up early, all by myself, and I made coffee. I do this every day if I’m the first one up. Then I try to write.

My spouse likes scary things too. Today she’s “subbing.” No periscopes or torpedoes involved, it’s much worse than that– they’re kindergartners. She takes a deep breath, and submerges into a world that is less than four feet high. All the furniture is little, and all the voices are high-pitched. Most kindergartners are well-behaved and eager to learn, but they have their moments– the moments that make most people avoid six-year-olds in groups of 22. Even half that number is a LOT of six-year-olds, but as I said, she likes scary things.

Later, we will go over to the house that we are working on– it’s a single-family suburban home that we are converting, first into a disaster area, and then into real estate. It’s slowly coming along and will be ready to be on the market soon. This week we are installing kitchen cabinets.

Yesterday I had some time to think while I stood in a corner with an upper cabinet on top of my head as I pressed upward to keep it tightly wedged straight against both the ceiling and the two walls. This can be more difficult than you might imagine. My son’s job was positioning everything with care and then doing the actual attaching. A DeWalt rechargeable drill running with an empty cabinet shell serving as sound box is interesting to hear when you have your skull pressed under it. It’s like a sound track from the dentist’s office.

Now I get to do another of the scary things — posting this.

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