Scenes around Crested Butte

A24D8E0B-4482-4C7F-8D0B-8312074D1A633D123EB0-DD1D-40F3-83BB-F1DDAE124301D5D6005B-AA57-429A-A2E2-DAFFEF26FD4F6FE7C78D-8A7C-4F57-837E-5E8F9D4CF8150508F931-EC1E-4113-B685-0E3239CD52D155489FD7-FE24-4F66-9B26-568079EF8D21F9131420-25D8-40F1-845C-B5C5C2E50AE701331C9C-DE04-4E4A-83FF-30E21106CE31These were some of the scenes around the main tourist section of Crested Butte, Colorado on November 29, 2018.

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