the feeling of unity

We’re all in this together.

I’m appreciating the inspiring video from George W, Bush about our country getting through the coronavirus crises by pulling together in a spirit of national service, each person doing what we can to help family, friends, neighbors, and community. It was released on May 2. He particularly warns against, “An outbreak of fear and loneliness.”

Bush mentions a few groups especially vulnerable: the unemployed, the elderly, the ill.

Starting from that I’m suggesting two more subgroups of society in order to round out the list and create a mnomiac- a monomaniac- a menomineec- one of those lists that are easy to remember:

A = ANXIOUS (pre-existing conditions, hard-hit zip codes, meat-plant workers, etc.)

E = ELDERLY (anyone older than me is technically “elderly”)

I = ILL (anyone testing positive or already compromised by illness)

O = ON THE FRONT LINES ( health-care workers, first responders, essential workers)

U = UNEMPLOYED (laid off or bankrupted or furloughed)

Here is a youtube link to the 3-min. clip:


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