Shh! (Tandem Kayak & Alligator Nest)

Shh! (Tandem Kayak & Alligator Nest) 


Paddling, searching for birds in the sky—glancing down, see first just one liquid eye.

Backward can save us—that’s what paddles are for—this Mommy looks like a dinosaur.

          Puncturating dentition needs just a little shove,

          Hacksaws forensic odontologists could love.

          Mechanized propulsion, like a barge-and-tow,

          Baking death rolls for breakfast. Setting on Low.

Mommy alligator’s look-alike is a log—her alligator-snack looks a bit like our dog.

Any creature fooled, that day is his last—Mommy alligator’s amazing surprise is, she’s fast.

          Her antediluvian corrugated luggage skin,

          Mouth frozen in Joker’s despair-filled grin,

          Low-flexed limbs unsuitable for huggage,

          Appendged onto her submarine tuggage.

Dinosaur descendents turned out quick & feathery—alligator does eggs in traditional leathery.

If you see glaring teeth & your fear never fades—the place to avoid is the Everglades.

          She guards seventy eggs for sixty-five days

          Oxidation incubates at eighty-six degrees.

          Miniature gators will hatch one-by-one,

          When a few survive, evolution has won.

Floating & boating, adventuring forth—to feel safe and serene, Let’s try paddling up North!

Keep in mind her favorite direction is South–trust me, you’ll remember the alligator’s mouth.

           Deep inside the vegetative decomposing nest

            Her leather-smooth eggs gestate best.

            Within a brain reptilian, like some servo-drive

            On autopilot, rumbles something like her Love.

     Painting: Lurking   by Wendell Graham


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