Fifty shades of Gracie

That’s me, asleep in the car. My name is Gracie. I’m a Weimaraner


For a dog everything goes a little bit different. Instead of a personality I have my own special Weimaranality:

  • Food tastes better when it is dropped on the floor.
  • Staring is the only cool way to beg.
  • If sent to my dog-bed, I put my head down and make the biggest puppydog eyes possible.
  • All postal carriers are highly suspicious as most packages likely contain either dangerous explosives or food, sometimes both.
  • Anyone walking on a public sidewalk is on their way to play with me.
  • The only thing better than a ball is a ball that is in your mouth.
  • Used tissues in a waste basket. Why would anyone EVER throw those away? They’re delicious.
  • Teddy bears are made to be ripped apart.
  • Squirrels MUST be located and chased.
  • Even though I’ve been fully grown for some time now, I still fit up on the back of an easy chair if I fold my long legs just right.
  • I already know all the tricks to do for a treat, so you don’t really have to say them one at a time. It’s so much faster if you just let me run through all of them and get it over with.
  • Meat is the best.
  • Chicken is the best meat.
  • Except Turkey. Turkey is even better.
  • But really, they’re all good. All the meats are good.
  • I like my scientific dog food that comes in the mail. Not sure what is so scientific about it. But it’s good. It’s really good with meat juice added on top.
  • Just not as good as meat.
  • Sticks cannot be allowed to just wallow around all over the place. You’ve got to show them who’s boss.
  • Rocks taste better than you’d think.
  • When someone gets up from a chair or couch the spot where they were sitting is still nice and warm.
  • There are two good shows on Window TV. The Squirrel Show is the best, and The Songbird Hour is good too.
  • The other shows are all pretty boring.
  • If Steve stands up from a chair he’s probably heading outside to play ball with me.
  • If he forgets I remind him.
  • Sure, I know there’s a box of dog treats in the bottom cabinet, but I don’t make a big deal about it.
  • Of course, if anyone leaves it out I’ll stick my face into it just to see how many I can reach.
  • Stella lives in a house next door. She’s a Lab, but that’s OK. The best game in the world is chasing Stella.
  • It only takes Stella 0.3 seconds to scoot under the fence and into my yard.
  • If I can see her, hear her, or smell her I know Stella wants to play Chase.
  • If you throw up some of your food, it’s no big deal. It still tastes good.
  • I like to roll in stuff that smells, but it’s got to smell good.
  • Not sure how they do it, but raccoon poop smells really, really good.
  • After you go poop in the yard you should scratch some of the grass around so it flies in the air, just to make a bigger deal out of it.
  • When a ball is thrown the right way I can usually chase it down in under 2.5 seconds.
  • The right way means you use a ball thrower, not just your hand. Give it a little arc so it has some bounce and roll when it hits.
  • That’s 2.5 seconds.
  • In that picture at the top, guess what?  I’m riding in the car. I love riding in the car.
  • The only thing better is riding in the truck. No backseat, so I’m always in the front.
  • I can pull. I can even pull in harness.
  • I can pull a skateboard or a bicycle, if you’re not too heavy.
  • Nobody really knows how far I can run. Every run is the perfect distance for me.
  • I know how to shake hands, roll over, crawl, and dance in a circle. Those are all worth a treat.
  • I can also fall over dead if you say “Bang.” It’s pretty easy actually.
  • I like to be with people in the same room.
  • Once I’m in the room? I like to sit by them.
  • Once I’m sitting by them? I like to sit on top of them.
  • I’m not that fond of rain.
  • I can find things by smell if you hide stuff. Just let me smell it first. And get the treat ready, because it doesn’t take long.
  • At night I like to sleep in the same room as people.
  • In the morning I like to go outside right away. Hey, I’m only human!


The Songbird Hour comes on pretty soon.

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