She Arrived Unspoken


     by SG Young


She arrived unspoken.

She came first to the gone part of town

To that part that wasn’t really there anymore

The part that perhaps had never been there

The part where bombardments had hit hard

And often.


Where shops had been blown

Charges set

Things thrown

That should not have been thrown.

She arrived unspoken

The little girl.


Yet within hours

Somehow it was known.

Somehow it came to be known.

The little girl is that baby

The little girl is our Anushka.

Sonya’s Anushka.

Alfonso’s Anushka.

That little girl.

Yes that little girl there Who is walking

Through the blown part of town with someone.


And every street had someone who knew

Who knew Everything

Who told Everything

Who said Give this to her for me.

I shall not see her.

Please give this for me

Please take her these

From me.


For:             Potlatch by Claudia Selene

Potlatch is a portrait done in oil paint on wood. Claudia Selene is from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her painting won the Bowles Award for Portrait Excellence at the 2020 National Art Exhibition sponsored by the Visual Arts Center, Punta Gorda, Florida.

Navigate to p.14 to view Potlatch:



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