One thing I’ve learned

One thing I’ve learned-

When we were younger and the kids were small

We had zero money, but saved a bit,

Bought a piece of furniture-

An entertainment center in cherry-

With bright burnished finish

Quite nice.

And it was damaged

“Must have been one of the kids”

Just a small nick appeared marring the newness,

No problem really, but we’d accused the wrong child

And everyone felt quite bad-

No one came forward.


It was forgotten

But not really

Then years later we found out

It was the youngest-

Who’d never been accused but had been worried to speak up,

So kept quiet-

But years later it came out, talking, so

We laughed at how seriously we’d all taken it.



We’re all older, many years,

It’s the one thing about that furniture I recall,

The only thing that has any real meaning,

A shallow nick about the height of a small child.

Now it’s the one thing special about an old piece of furniture.


It’s one of the things I’ve learned-

About life.

It may be the only thing I’ve learned.

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